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Finally, I am done!

I must be the slowest reader on the planet, or at least in this book group. I wish I could say it was worth the effort but The Brothers Karamazov was not at all what I expected. I thought the ending in particular was just bad. Those three chapter long arguments from first the prosecutor, then the defense attorney, drove me batty. I confess, I skipped those chapters. After finding out that Mitya was going to be found guilty anyway, what was the point? All of the suspense was gone. Very annoying. The book did have some lovely moments of real spiritual transcendence but I thought they all took place early in the book. I thought Dostoevsky took the easy way out by making the bastard son with the mental defect the killer. I also don't see why Ivan thought he was to blame for the murder of his father. If everyone who wanted someone dead, and expressed that to a murderous wacko, was to be found guilty of the murder, there would be a lot more people in jail, or at least in hell. Not that I believe in hell. I was not impressed with the acclaimed translation, either. I thought the paragraphing in places was ridiculous. Or maybe I should say, the lack of paragraphs.

One more thing. Did you notice how guilt always leads to brain fever and certain death? So annoying...

There will be a schedule posted for our next book, The Years of Rice and Salt shortly. I have started it, come up with some discussion questions, and think it will be a fun read, especially compared to TBK. I hope some of you will join us.


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November 2011

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