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Our Next Selection: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I am continuing my reign as the book_reading czar. Since the other two actively posting members have already finished The Brothers Karamazov, we are going to start another book. A shorter book.

Those of us who want to struggle on through TBK can continue to post about that if we like. Everyone else can go get a copy of Life of Pi. It won a Booker Prize. It is on many best of lists, although not on EW's list of The New Classics. Their so-called critical experts preferred The Da Vinci Code.

Okay, so let's get reading. This book is so short, most people can probably read it in a weekend. By the way, posting is open to all members, so you all can just jump in anytime.

Also, if Pi isn't for you, I am nearly certain the next selection will be The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson, so go ahead and get a head start.


Oh, yeah. It just looks huge because of the pictures. Aren't they great? I still haven't finished the book, so there is plenty of time for you(or anyone else out there? Hello? Hello?) to get back on track.

I am still struggling through TBK. I sent you a different translation. We have that one, too. We have like-- five versions. Gad. Now if I can just finish the frakking book already.

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November 2011

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